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Loss of a Founding Father
Friday, January 9, 2015 
It is with heavy hearts that the Ludwigs Corner Fire Company has to say goodbye to one of our founding fathers. Bob Heitzman was and will ever be a large influence on the LCFC. In the early 70ís, when the fire company was founded, Bob and his wife Joan allowed the fire company to have a home. They allowed the trucks and gear to live in their shop, rent free. Bob was a mechanic by trade which was a great help to a fire company just starting out. He had many stories about fixing the trucks because the company didnít have the option of buying new. In his later years of life Bob enjoyed reminiscing about the good old days and telling stories from the past to the younger members of our station. His words of encouragement and confidence in us, has given members a sense of pride. He has seen the company from where it started to where it is today and all the time in between, contributing in many ways the whole way. Not having his always infections smiling face at events will be greatly missed. Rest in peace Bob we have got it from here.

Bob at the 2014 Ludwigs Corner Fire Company Open House in October
   Bob at the 2014 Ludwigs Corner Fire
      Company Open House in October
The first home of the LCFC
   The first home of the LCFC
Santa Claus Is Coming to Ludwigs Corner
Saturday, December 20, 2014 
SANTA IS COMING TO LUDWIGS CORNER On December 20th Santa will be making his way around the Ludwigs Corner area. He will make stops in Upper Uwchlan and West Vincent Townships. Be on the look out for "Santa Run Stop" signs. On Saturday when you hear the sirens in your area be ready to go to your stop and come out and meet Santa. Listed below are the stops for this years Santa Run. The fire trucks will be leaving the station at 9:00 am and will start making there way around to each of these stops. the stops are split in two both will start at 9:00 am. Side 1: - Carriage Lane and Surrey Lane - Stonehedge and the 2nd Indian Springs - Stonehedge and Deer Haven - Rabbit Run and Fox Chase - Pheasant and Fawn - #1 Fawn - Collingwood Ct. and McGraw lane - #658 Collingwood Terrace - Collingwood Ct. (in the culdesac) - Meadow Creek and Quail Run - Somers and Aran Glen - Saybrooke and Diamond Cir. - Saybrooke and Seaberry The Reserve at Eagle - Donovan and Prescott - Benson and Prescott - The club house Eagle Hunt Development - Magnolia and Bayberry - magnolia and Hemlock Windsor Ridge - Windsor Ridge Club House - Churchill and Mount Rose - Churchill and Harding - Garrison and Cavalier - Pierce and Prospect Hill Side 2: Oxford Rise Appartments Weatherall Estates - #38 South Iroquois Lane - #13 Seneca Court - North Iroquois Lane by the park - #14 Shawnee Court and North Iroquois Lane - #93 North Iroquois Lane - Oneida Court and North Iroquois Lane Barrington Lane - #24 Barrington Lane - #87 Barrington Lane Stonecroft - Lilly Pond Lane and Laymens Way Matthews Meadows - #38 Daniel Drive - Kyle Drive and Lauren Lane Weatherstone - Lindon Ave. and Fairmont Drive - Fairmont Dr. and Windgate by the park - Pinehurst and Fairmont - Rosewood and Windgate Byers Station - Sweet Birch Land and Lobella Court - Eagle Farms Rd and Powell Rd - Cresent Drive

The 6th Annual LCFC Beef N' Beer
Saturday, November 15, 2014 
It is that time of year again..THE LUDWIGS CORNER FIRE COMPANY BEEF N' BEER!! Come out for a night of food, beer and dancing! Tickets are $25.00 a piece. You can buy your tickets at Ludwig's Corner Supply Co., Frames Power Equipment, or at The Blue Buddha Studio during regular business hour., You can also get them at the Ludwigs Corner Fire Company on Monday nights from 6:30pm to 7:30pm! Any of those options not work for you also feel free to email Amanda at amanda@ludwigscornerfire.com or call Betsy at 484-238-6218 with any ticket information needed or other questions about the event. Just like every year there will be enough food and beer to last the night and the wide variety of raffle baskets where you are sure to find something that you can not live without! There will also be door prizes and a 50/50 drawing! Food will be by Montesano Brothers Catering and the music will be provided by Moore Music. This is one night you want to make sure to write on your calender and one night you do not want to miss!!

LCFC Open House
Monday, October 6, 2014 
Last nights Open House was a huge success!! Everyone had so much fun playing games, learning about the fire company and its many different types of responders and of course watching the awesome car fire and air bag demo!! We would like to thank the West Vincent Police Department and Uwchlan Ambulance Corps for coming out and showing off their vehicles and spending time talking with the public! A special and most deserving thanks goes out to all who attended our event. It is great to see everyone come out and have fun and enjoy spending their night with us at the firehouse!! We hope to see everyone next year!!!!

QRS Coordinator Jeff Patrick showing the families what to do in the event of a medical emergency
   QRS Coordinator Jeff Patrick showing the
      families what to do in the event of a
      medical emergency
The LCFC Crew
   The LCFC Crew
Monday, October 6, 2014 
IT IS THAT TIME OF YEAR!! The Ludwigs Corner Fire Company is having its annual OPEN HOUSE!! October 6th 7:00pm to 9:00pm (1325 Pottstown Pike, Glennmore PA 19343) Come out and meet your local fireman, police officers and ambulance crew! There will be many fun games for the kids and information and fun for the adults! You will get the chance to learn more about your local fire company and fire prevention! You CAN NOT MISS the live car fire demo!! Sit and watch as the firefighters battle the car fire and see what happens in this real life situation!!

Hoseline Maze
Monday, June 30, 2014
The LCFC hosted a fun training night for both the LCFC crew and Ridge Fire Company's crew. Both stations participated in a hose line maze drill. The drill was held at West Vincent Elementary School's playground. Crews were put together and told to go through the play ground making all sorts of turns and having to climb over and under multiple parts of the play set. Once they made it through the maze they were to use the hose line to knock over traffic cones that were to symbolize fire. This drill was designed to make firefighters think about having enough hose when going into a building and hose placement throughout the building. It also was a way to get firefighters more prepared for climbing over and under and around different objects in a house. While a playground will probably not be in a house it was a way to practice in a fun way and a fun way to interact with one of the neighboring fire stations. The LCFC would like to thank Ridge Fire Company and its crew for participating in the drill and the West Vincent Elementary School for allowing the company to use its grounds.

Firefighter Bowling
Monday, June 23, 2014
The LCFC has been coming up with some new fun ways of practicing on Monday nights. This new game was thought up by one of the stations juniors. The game is firefighter bowling. The goal of the game like bowling is to knock down the pins or in this case the cribbing (used in vehicle extrications). Firefighters took a roll of hose and then unrolled it to try and hit the cribbing. Points were given for the amount of cribbing pieces knocked over and then as soon as the course was set up again the bowlers had to roll the hose up as fast as they could to receive more points. This game helped to build on hose rolling skills and unrolling skills.

There are always new and improved ways to do things in the fire service. On Monday night the LCFC crew decided to practice pulling hose lines but instead of just trying one way of packing the hose lines they practiced a few different ways. In the end the active crew voted on what hose lay they liked the most and continued practicing with it and applied all needed changes to all of their hose beds.

Hoseline Maze
Monday night drill nights are a time for the LCFC crew to practice on different aspects of fire and rescue operations. This training was based on what a firefighter needs to do if they get either lost in a building or are told to evacuate a building. A hose line can act as a guide to the door. First because in many cases it comes from outside the building and second off because it allows you to hold on to something and move quickly through a house. To do so firefighters must identify a hose line in front of them and then find a coupling (where two hoses are put together) or the nozzle. If they find the nozzle they are able to go away from it and find the way out. If they find a coupling they must identify the female part of the connector and follow it out. To make this drill harder, 200ft of hose line is charged and cramped into a small space where it turns and goes under itself multiple times making it harder to make sure you stay on the hose line going the correct way.

Junior Training
Training is a big part of the Ludwigs Corner Fire Company every Monday night the active crew meets to practice on many different types of skills that are needed to effectively and quickly be able to do our job. This night the LCFC juniors were practicing gear drills. The first thing you have to do for any call is put on the proper PPE (personal protective equipment). To make it fun the juniors had to put on all of their gear in 60 seconds and have it all on correctly then they battled it out to see who could do it the fastest.

David Gondy 60 Second Drill Winner
   David Gondy 60 Second Drill Winner
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